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Hello world💛 Today’s topic is ORIENTAL MAGIC MIX. I collected the songs/tracks related to Asian-like music.  For example, title, lyrics, sound, concept, etc. are like that. There are full of excellent works, so I really enjoyed selecting them.  Love this playlist💜

As many people do, I keep myself away from bringing up a political issue on SNS and blog. Because I want to share a good time with people who kindly visit my page.  But…please allow me to mention the Tokyo Olympics just a little bit.  As a matter of fact, approximately 80% of Japanese people demand the cancellation or postponement.  I’m not surprised to know this percentage because all of my acquaintances are against.  The current top priority is to protect our lives and well-being though it’s easy to imagine athletes feel disappointed.

Torch-bearers are already running towards the Olympics on July 23, 2021, but now is not the time. I want to celebrate the Olympics as known as GAMES OF THE WORLD PEACE after the world’s things calm down.

Oh, sorry! Let’s move on to the next topic.

What’s your impression of Asia?

Have you ever been to Asian countries?  If you have, hope you spent a great time.  If you haven’t, please come someday.  I myself also want to travel domestic and international. Because there are many places that I don’t know about yet. 

I think each country has its good points in different ways.  Eastern Asia (Japan, China, Korea, etc.),  south eastern Asia (Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.), south Asia (India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, etc.) and so on.  All the places must be attractive💜

Actually, Porter Robinson is a Japanophile.

I was very happy when I knew that Porter Robinson likes Japan and is interested in our culture. So honored!!  As you might already noticed, I’m a fan of Porter Robinson. So I added some of his tracks to the existing playlists.  Fortunately, Porter’s tracks really go well with artists’ tracks I’m supporting.

As an example, “Flicker” is included in ORIENTAL MAGIC MIX.  Because Porter uses the voice sampling with Japanese language throughout the track, I thought Flicker was perfect for this playlist.

I really want you to experience this playlist.

By the way, do you like green tea?

Japanese people often drink green tea. Do you have anything you drink everyday? Coffee or tea?  As for me, a cup of coffee, green tea, tomato juice, and two litters of water everyday.  I think it has already become a habit of mine.  Very healthy, isn’t it?

Actually, my mother is a tea ceremony teacher, so I’ve been learning and familiar with drinking tea since I was a child.  Thanks to that, I rarely catch a cold.

Green tea latte is easy to drink.

What a bright color💚 It obviously looks good for your health.  This beverage is called green tea latte, a fine blend of tea and milk. Even for people who don’t like bitterness, it’s easy to try because it has a mild flavor.  Please give it a try.

How about matcha cakes?

Matcha means powdered green tea. It’s often used as an ingredient in cooking in order to add beautiful color and give an accent to the flavor.  I like it💚

By the way, I just found out a shocking fact recently. In some cases, green food coloring is made from silkworm droppings!!  Especially, this coloring is used to make mass produced food with high probability because it can be manufactured at a low cost.  On the other hand, genuine green tea powder is used to make high quality food.  I wish I never heard this fact😣 Too much information!

That being said, I intend to eat green cakes again💚

What I’m doing now.

I’m preparing some playlists at the same time. One of them is almost in the finishing stage. The theme is related to flight, airport, airplane, flying, departure, hope, spectacular views, and etc.  I’m planning to open this “flight” playlist soon.

By the way, how long do you think is the best for playlists?  Until now, I thought 90 to 120 minutes is the most preferable, but came to think it’s important to prepare them with various lengths and should deal with flexibly.

I sometimes take time to roughly look up the request of casual listeners. Then, I have an impression that relatively medium to long length (4~5 hours) are also in demand. Because they want to stream it during studying, household chores or driving a car.  Surprisingly, I have sometimes come across the people who needed long long playlists, over 8 hours!!  So, we should consider what others say more seriously.  There may be hints to make better playlists in their simple words.

If we are going to do it, we (listeners, artists, curators) want to built win-win-win relationship.  Let’s do it!!

Today’s recommendation

As mentioned in the introduction, the playlist of the day is ORIENTAL MAGIC MIX.

Honestly, I wanted to introduce more about Japan and Asia, such as famous food, culture, landscape, architecture, cityscape, and people!  But the story is going to be long, so I’ll take another opportunity.


30 seconds trial-player is below. If you like it, go Spotify directly and check the full version please😉 ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

It’s up to you! You can play this playlist in order or shuffle, whichever you like.

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I’ll introduce them to you one after another!!!

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