Let’s just do what we can do for now.

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Hello world!! Spring has come!! I feel like starting new things. One of them is this blog. Mainly, I will write about music related things, also the interesting things in my daily life.

This blog is still at prototype stage, so the style is too simple, too sober.  I’m in the middle of making it to be an attractive and eye-catching one. you’re gonna love it!


I’m a music lover, playlist curator, and a huge fan of a genius vocalist, Circle from CTS. The reason why I started SNS is that I would like lots of people to know how amazing he is. He keeps me going. I can do my best because he is here.

In the meantime, I have fortunately made connection with many artists, producers, DJs, promoters, curators, and music lovers from all over the world. They are really cool, so talented, and very gentle. I like them so much!! I have been learning a lot from them for about a year and a half. Everything is fresh and exciting to me. I’m grateful from bottom of my heart. The connection with music people there is definitely my treasure.🥇My motto is “learn hard, work hard, and play hard!!” I’ll keep getting better🥇


Here’s the perfect playlist for Spring🌸

#Now Playing 【Beautiful Dreamy Mix vol.01】


I want to be a person who think outside the box and would rather not follow routine method. So I’ll write this blog freely and establish my own style.

What I’m doing now is my hobby, not hardship. I really enjoy it at my own pace. Even more fortunately, I’m healthy both mentally and physically. So I feel like I can do anything! Everyday is an adventure with you💓

I’m looking forward to New experience and bright future🌸💕✨