Hydration and Electrolyte Replacement from Breakfast is Very Important


‏Hello World!! Recently severe heat is continuing worldwide. Let’s all be careful and help each other survive this summer.

This time, I looked up the importance of the water we take in from our diet.

In fact, half of the water needed to sustain life comes from food!

Although we may not be aware of it, we obtain about half of our daily life-sustaining body water (water + electrolytes) from our diet. Many people seem to find this surprising. I was one of them. When you think of water intake, you think of drinking liquids.
In other words, when you eat less, such as when dieting, water intake also decreases.
The reality is that people do not realize that food is about nutrition and calories, and less about water and electrolyte supply, which are directly related to life support.

Most people who get heat stroke don’t eat breakfast

We sweat cupful of sweat while we sleep, so the morning is a time of day when the risk of heat stroke is high.
This is why people who go to school or work without breakfast are more likely to suffer from dehydration and heat stroke.
Even if there are no noticeable symptoms, it may be an indirect cause of negative effects on studying, reduced work efficiency, and failure because it depletes concentration.

Let’s be more aware of the importance of fluids and electrolytes

We know much about the role of the five macronutrients and caloric intake when it comes to health. This is because there are so many different supplements available for nutrients and so much information is available on the Internet.
In addition to these, we should also pay more attention to getting the right amount of water and electrolytes. Even if you take great care of your beauty and health, it is meaningless if your health is damaged by dehydration or heat stroke.
If you eat three meals properly, including breakfast, your fluid and electrolyte balance will naturally be close to ideal. Let’s live a healthy life starting with breakfast.

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