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Hello World💛 How have you been?  Hope everything’s alright.

Well, International events and festivals such as sports, music, dance, etc. are starting to be held in various countries and regions.  Although it’s a bit controversial, I hope all the people in the world feel cheered by superstars’ performances. But please remember “Safety comes first”.

Recently, news says that UEFA EURO 2020 soon reaches its climax (July 11 is the final match?), and every kind of media talks about it almost everyday.  To tell the truth, I’m not very familiar with football. Even considering that, I’m checking at least the highlight of the day and have a great admiration for amazing games.

Watching TV or YouTube, I’ve been frequently hearing “We Are The People”, the official song written by world-renowned DJ/producer Martin Garrix, featuring Bono from U2 & The Edge. Because broadcasters play the track every time.

So, I added “We Are The People” to the playlist “DEEP BASS long version” without thinking😶  Just kidding. I know I’m a bit calculating.  Anyway, I would like everyone to enjoy it!!

It’s been hot recently, isn’t it?

Our bodies consist of more than 60% water.

This fact, “our bodies consist of more than 60% water” is well known and lots of you may know this already.  But you don’t usually think about it. Me neither.

Basically, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, the lungs are about 83%, the skin contains 64%, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and surprisingly even the bones contain 31% water!!  Our entire body largely depends on water to function more than we think. If you are less hydrated, our internal organs can be adversely affected.


Here are some examples of what happens to your body if you don’t drink enough water:

▪ Cognitive decline
▪ Increased risk of stroke
▪ Anxiety and depression,

OMG!! Just thinking of it is scary😭

 ▪ Cognitive decline
As mentioned above, the brain is composed of 73% water and it requires this amount to function properly.

According to a study, it is found that if your body loses more than 2% water, this can affect cognitive function and concentration, causing issues with thinking, coordination, reaction times, attention, and confusion.

▪ Increased risk of stroke
Our blood is 60% water, when this amount of water is available, it helps the blood flow smoothly through the veins. If you’re not drinking enough water and the percentage of water in your blood decreases, it can thicken our blood and is highly dangerous. This is so called dehydration.

Understandably, concentrated blood flows less easily to the brain, in the worst case,  a stroke can occur when a blood vessel in the brain gets clogged. That’s extremely scary isn’t it?  Please stay well-hydrated, everyone!!

▪ Anxiety and depression
I knew nothing about that neurologic symptoms also have relation to the amount of water. What a surprise!! The theory is as follows. The thicker your blood becomes, the harder your heart has to work. This may increase heart rates and lead to palpitations.
Also, it may strain your muscles and affects your brain functions.  All these factors lead to physical stress and/or uneasiness which in turn leads to symptoms of anxiety and depression.
Hmm…this was unexpected.  Anyway, let’s calm our minds by drinking enough water.  There are more harmful effects by not drinking water, but it’s about time we stop scary stories.
What I want to say is that it’s important to stay hydrated before going to bed, when you wake up, during and after sports, before and after bathing, and before you get thirsty. In general, the appropriate amount to drink in a day is recommended to be about 3 liters for men and 2 liters for women.

Let’s get back to the today’s topic.

As the name suggests, all the tracks inside have tremendous deep bass sound. Super cool💙  They are really addictive and can lift you up.

Actually, this is the longest playlist ever, about 7 hours.  The reason why I started to curate such long ones is that I came to know a certain number of people requested long playlists for road trip, workout, house chores, studying, etc.

Come to think about it, in the countries with a large land area, for example, America, Canada, Brazil, Australia, India…, people have to drive for a long time, because the roads are so long.  On the other hand, Japan is an island country and relatively small. So, when I hear the word “driving”, I think of 1~2 hours road trip.  It’s too short, isn’t it? But I’m sure quite a few people feels the same. This new awareness is very fresh and fun to me.

Additionally, there are many playlists with various length, genres, and tempos. So we can deal with each listener, each preference, each unique situation on a case-by-case basis.

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One more thing.

If any one of these playlists gets its big break, the other playlists will surely get more and more listeners in chain reactions.  So, we should consider how we can do this from different angles. Never let your brain stop thinking. Keep moving forward. Where there is a will, there is a way.
Too heated Lol.

Today’s summary

As mentioned in the introduction, the playlist of the day is DEEP BASS long version. I highly recommend listening to this playlist when you are on a road trip!!

This is a part of Metropolitan Expressway Tokyo. Please come visit Japan someday🥰


30 seconds trial-player is below. If you like it, go Spotify directly and check the full version please😉

It’s up to you! You can play this playlist in order or shuffle, whichever you like.

There are much more playlists💜
I’ll introduce them to you one after another!!!

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