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Hello World💛 this is Chieri. I am sure many of you are thinking this way…“I can’t live without music.” or I can’t imagine my life without music.”  I’m one of those who thinks so. The famous philosopher Plato once said…“Music gives soul to the world and wings to the spirit. And it exalts the imagination and gives life to everything.”

This time, I would like to write about the effects of music. You will realize again how amazing the power of music is! Let’s go out there and live more fulfilling lives with music!

What effects does music have on the human body?

◾ Relief of stress and anxiety
◾ Effect on restful sleep
◾ Improved memory
◾ Improved concentration

Many of us have the habit of listening to our favorite music while exercising, cooking in the kitchen, commuting to work or school, or doing some other task. So do I.

In addition, background music is also played in many public spaces such as restaurants, stores, hospitals, etc., so music is integrated into our daily lives in some way without us even knowing it.

Music has a positive effect on health.

You can make your life more enjoyable mentally and physically by listening to your favorite playlists, albums, or just some nice songs that are playing in various places!

Enhance body functions

Playing a musical instrument and singing are said to have the potential to positively affect physical and mental health. Not only do they burn calories, but they as well as blood flow, mental alertness, brain recovery, and memory.

Release a lot of dopamine

Recent research has shown that the brain releases more dopamine simply by listening to your favorite music. Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter that helps with cognitive and emotional function, and its release increases when we exercise, dance, and even when we eat our favorite foods.

Activate the brain

With regard to physical health benefits, music has been noted to improve blood flow to the brain, improve memory, spike dopamine, and promote brain recovery. Also it is said to help with studies and reduce stress. In some cases, it helps stroke and traumatic brain injury patients recover.

In this way, music is a great help to our brains. As you know, the brain is literally the command center of our body, controlling muscles and sending important messages to other nerves and organs. This is very important, because the brain is essentially needed to get things done in almost every situation.

Activate behavior

This is also known as “Behavior-inducing effect”, and as the name implies, background music has the effect of influencing people’s behavior. For example, playing fast-paced background music increases work speed, which is one of the effects of inducing behavior.

This is the reason why songs with a high tempo are often used for relays and running races at sports festivals, etc., as they are expected to have this effect.

Thus, music that has just the right tempo and feels pleasant to the ear can help make daily activities more positive.

Reduce stress and increase confidence

In addition to the physical benefits, music can reduce stress and increase mindfulness. It is said that making your own music, playing a instrument, and sometimes singing  can boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. If you feel stressed or anxious, you can try to see if you can alleviate them through music.

It is natural to feel stress in our lives.

When you are tired from work or daily life, you may be healed by listening to music. I think everyone has had the experience of singing karaoke to relieve stress, or singing in the bathtub, at least once.

It is said that music affects the “brain” and “autonomic nervous system” of people, stimulating the secretion of dopamine and bringing about a pleasant sensation.

Music has been proven to have the same effect not only by listening to it, but also by playing it yourself.

Would you like to try? I’d love to do it!

It is said that we, human beings basically grow up with music throughout our lives, even when the fetus is still in the mother’s womb, it senses the constant rhythm of its mother’s heartbeat and its own heartbeat with its whole body.

Music from ancient times to the present has been organized and analyzed more systematically, medically and scientifically, making it easier to choose the right music for the right purpose.

It is also expected to be an essential “listening therapy” for maintaining human health by improving many lifestyle-related diseases.

Learning about the impact music has on us, I was reminded that music is something very close and indispensable for us human beings.

Let’s make music an active part of our daily lives for fun, refreshment and relaxation!


This is a playlist full of my favorites. Listen to it while exercising, working, doing chores, driving, and partying!!! I hope you enjoy it!

This is a 6 hour 36 minute long playlist. You can listen to it in order or shuffle it around.


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