I’m Focusing on The Compilation Playlist Named “Happy Anniversary”🌸

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Hello World💛  It’s already mid-April. If I remember right, we just celebrated the New Year a little while ago…  What on earth is going on?  Is it okay where you live?  Hope everything’s all right💯

Today’s topic is “Compilation Playlist“.  I’ve always been thinking about that compilation system might be the most efficient way to get attention from first time listeners, unless they are strongly particular about genres. The good points of compilation system that I think are below.

✔Good points

1️⃣ From a curator’s point of view, relatively easy to get cooperation from participating artists.

2️⃣ Easy to collect good songs from various genres.

3️⃣ There are always lots of new discoveries. That’s very fun to me.

4️⃣ From listeners’ point of view, you can enjoy finding new favorites from a wide variety of options.

5️⃣ If you find, you can jump to the artist’s page and dig deeper to your heart’s content.

Due to the advantages above, I’ve decided to deal with compilation playlist(s) on a long term basis.  Of course, it needs to be updated periodically in order to be always refreshed.

In parallel with that, I’ll continue to manage themed playlists. Because each system has its own strengths, I’ll make the most of each playlist depending on the situation.

Here’s an existing compilation one, the title of which is

🌸Happy Anniversary🌸ver.2000.

The origin of the title “Happy Anniversary” is as follows.

I made it a rule to update the tracks inside when the number of twitter followers reaches a nice round number, such as 2000, 2500, 3000… (means Anniversary😊).  I’ll definitely announce the information several times when the updating date gets closer. Don’t miss it!

In this way, I decided to run the compilation playlist(s) having updating system. To tell the truth, I’m always in the process of trial and error.  How can I break through? What should I do?  It would be easy if I knew that. I’m sure everybody feels the same.  Anyway, I will keep working in a tenacious manner because I have “never give up genes”🧬

Too heated! We have to change our pace.

So…Are there any recommended ways of refreshing yourself?  For me, playing with my dog, taking a walk, and literally getting some fresh air.  All-too-common, isn’t?  But we could say “The more basic, the more effectively it works”…maybe.

Like that, I enjoyed nature with my dog the other day🌞💕

Too cute💛💗 We’re about to go out soon.

She really likes playing outside.

Looking at pale purple moss phlox.

Super cute😍

After returning home, this girl was taking a nap. This is how we replenished our energy for tomorrow.🥰


Everyone has their own way of refreshing. I think music is one of the best examples. Or perhaps, nobody hates it, right?  At least, I don’t know such a person.

Although there are various ways to be engaged with music, such as listening, producing, singing, performing, etc.…,  Music is essential for each person to live colorfully and richly.

I wish you come across wonderful music🎶 May a lot of happiness and smiles🌈🥰


30 seconds trial-players are below. If you like it, go Spotify directly and check the full version please😉 ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇


It’s up to you, you can play this playlist in order or shuffle, whichever you like.  


Please check ver.1700 and ver.2500 as well as the version2000.





There is much more playlists💜
I’ll introduce them to you one after another!!!

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