Happy Anniversary 3500 -Links to Each Artist-

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Hello World💛 It’s been a while. How have you been recently? Hope things are going well for you.  Having said that, things don’t always work out as we expect. But we should focus on what  we can do moving forward. Our days will come soon!!

Now we will begin to talk about our today’s topic “Happy Anniversary 3500 -Links to Each Artist-“.  This is the largest playlist out of our existing ones.  I think it is growing steadily. I am grateful that the artists, listeners, other curators, and music promoters cooperate with us.  I would like to give back what you have kindly done for us.  Let’s continue to do our best together.

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Links to Each Artist


💙Fonz Tramontano💙

💙Jaye de Luminist, Fry Face💙



💙The Caesar Sense💙


💙Ragin’ Contagion💙



💙Reall Rapp💙


💙kenshin ShouLi💙

💙Macctown Teenie Loc💙

💙Bad Teckno💙






💙Dave Mohan💙




💙KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus💙




💙Decan Usmic💙

Each artist has its own charm, so I can recommend all of them with confidence. If you find favorite songs/artists, why don’t you go check their artists’ page directly!!

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