Super Collaboration!! “I Want It Now (People Of The Parallel Remix) – Charley Young”


In simple words, this song is awesome!!  Within the very first few seconds, I was captured by undulated synth sound. Then, Charley Young’s fascinating vocals appeared at six seconds. At this moment, I was convinced that this song perfectly matches my taste.

These days, something that crosses my mind when I’m listening to a song for the first time is that “a good beginning makes a good ending”. I found the same goes for this song “I Want It Now (People of the Parallel Remix) – Charley Young”. In other words, this song is exciting for the whole time!

I came to like Charley Young’s singing voice listening to this track. Her voice is clear and pleasing to the ear, while it’s very lively!!  I’m sure everybody feels the same. I will also listen to her other songs after this. Really looking forward to it!!
When it comes to dubstep, People Of The Parallel is by far the best of all!!  As a fan of People Of The Parallel, I have listened to his music many times and it always exceeds my expectations. Really cool electronic music.

The dynamic dubstep arrange starts at around 40 seconds, and the deep bass sound keep wobbling throughout the song.  I bet you cannot help moving your body to the rhythm.  The processed vocals appear in key points, and exquisitely match the original vocals as an instrument. And the balance between beautiful voice and solid wobble bass is perfect!! Once you listen to this song, you will definitely get hooked on it.

I just admire these two talented artists, Charley Young and People Of The Parallel. It’s a miracle collaboration!!  Must listen!!

More Information

Charley Young was born in San Diego, California and raised on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Charley was exposed to music from a young age via both her maternal grandfather, who she would often vocally accompany as he played guitar, and her mother who possessed a vast cassette and CD collection. Charley grew up listening to Depeche Mode, INXS, The Pretenders,  Madonna, and similar artists, all who have directly influenced Charley and her sound. Expanding upon these influences, Charley’s connection and deep reverence for nature often figures in her music as is evident in the lyrics to songs such as “Fiery Storm” and “Summer is Mine” to name just a few examples.  

In addition to music, Charley has always been involved in competitive sports. She participated in soccer and gymnastics before having to switch to swimming due to her life-threatening battle with anorexia nervosa. Charley is very open about her eating disorder journey brought on by the unexpected death of her maternal grandfather who was a mentor and inspiration to Charley. Charley does her best to honor her family and often dedicates and schedules music and video releases to coincide with a loved one’s birthday or day of passing. For Charley, being authentic, genuine, and unadulterated in her emotions and every day life is of the utmost importance. Having survived anorexia nervosa and depression and coping with anxiety, Charley aspires to connect with others suffering from similar trials through her music. Hearing how her songs and lyrics have helped or impacted a fan is what drives Charley to create. For her, her purpose in music is to be a lighthouse in the storm of life.
Official website: Charley Young (

People Of The Parallel is a Musical Artist based out of Nashville Tennessee. Founder and CEO of the LGTWO movement. Was featured in LIFOTI Magazine Issue 9 September 2019. Genres include, EDM, Dubstep, Electro, Dance, Pop, Alternative Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Industrial, Rap.
LGTWO MUSIC official website: People Of The Parallel (

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