Indian Metal Band Bloodywood is Amazing!


I must confess that I am a total metal newbie. I had hardly ever heard of it. However, when I stumbled upon Bloodywood, which I am about to introduce, I may have literally opened the door to a new world of music.

Band Members

Original Members

  • Karan Katiyar – guitars, flute, production, composition
  • Jayant Bhadula – vocals, growls
  • Raoul Kerr – rap vocals

Touring members

  • Sarthak Pahwa – dhol
  • Roshan Roy – bass
  • Vishesh Singh – drums




Bloodywood is a metal band that originated in 2016 from New Delhi, India. Their style is to skillfully fuse Indian folk instruments with metal music to create a unique new metal sound.

The first thing you will notice in their performance is the traditional Indian instruments: flute, strings and percussion. The lyrics of the songs are in Hindi, and they are sung with a speedy rhythm, so not many people may be able to understand the lyrics. Even so, their energetic performance is sure to overwhelm the audience and leave them deeply moved.

The dignity of a great country with a long history and a sense of being in tune with the modern world are to many people’s liking, and it is no wonder that it is now a major breakout hit worldwide. Like myself, I think this band can attract listeners who were not familiar with metal before. The band has a quality and intense coolness that will satisfy the core fans, but it also has a relatively catchy atmosphere, so I have the impression that beginners will also be attracted to the band.


As mentioned above, Bloodywood was formed in 2016 and was initially a duo consisting of guitarist Karan Katiyar and vocalist Jayant Bhadula.

Before they started together, guitarist Karan Katyar was making metal covers of Bollywood hits and Western classics and uploading them to YouTube. He became unexpectedly popular as a YouTube star, and he decided to quit his steady job as a lawyer and devote himself to being a metal artist.

In the meantime, Karan Katiyar had been looking for a vocalist, but when he was unable to find one, he met Jayant Bhadula, and the two started Bloodywood under the slogan “destroying pop songs”.

In 2018, rapper Raoul Kerr joined the group, and with the release of “Ari Ari ft. Raoul Kerr” they began their rise to stardom.

From India to Global Star

The YouTube video of “Ari Ari” mentioned in the previous section was introduced by Bollywood actress Ileana D’Cruz on her social media, and gained popularity within India. The video gradually spread and gained popularity worldwide as well.

It didn’t take long for the one-of-a-kind musicality with new, interesting, and authentic abilities to make the world go wild.

Their momentum is unstoppable, and their first opportunity to perform live came in 2019, but to our surprise, it was at one of the world’s largest metal festivals “Wacken Open Air” in Germany! Let me reiterate. Their first gig is at one of the biggest festivals in the world. Isn’t that amazing?

My eyes were glued to this MV…too DOPE!!!!

Performed at Fuji Rock Festival in Japan

On July 30, Bloodywood performed at Fuji Rock Festival, one of the biggest festivals in Japan. Even though it was their first visit to Japan, it seems certain that they gained quite a large number of Japanese fans with this live performance. I was one of them and was totally hooked.

In addition to those attending the festival on site, the organizers provided an online live broadcast, so the event could be viewed from outside the venue.

At first, the local audience looked at the show from a distance, relaxing on the lawn. This is because Bloodywood was not yet that well known in Japan. However, as soon as the band appeared on stage and began to play, the audience was instantly swept away. The crowd was so excited that even those on the lawn were rushing to the front of the stage. This was not limited to the field; online viewers were also taken aback. “I didn’t know there was such a great metal band out there!” and “What an amazing metal band!”

Here is what people are saying on Twitter.

It was really amazing, I wanted to watch it all the time but finally it was the last song. It is probably their most popular song, “Gaddaar”.

I hope that Bloodywood will come to Japan again and I hope that they have made a good impression on us Japanese fans.

They definitely achieved results in Japan. They made people who had no interest in metal music think how cool they were. I am glad that the metal band I came in contact with was Bloodywood, which has such a high level of quality, and above all, I found out that it was fun.

I like a pretty wide range of music and I listen to all of them a lot. Metal is probably pretty far from the genres I’ve been listening to. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it or anything, but for some reason it wasn’t an option.

But this time, after seeing and listening to Bloodywood, I was shocked and became a total fan. It’s stuff like this that makes music so interesting.

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Bloodywood is an Indian folk metal band from New Delhi, India.