Interview with Null-O Band


This time, we get to know Null-O Band, a three-piece Synthrock band with virtual connections between different cities in this exclusive interview.

Null-O Band is independent band from Toronto, Canada. Formed in 2018 by null-o (synths, bass), raccoon 6ix (guitars) and voland (drums). The band started as a live post-rock gig but after the pandemic happened and members moved to different cities it continues more as a virtual band. Null-O Band describe their music as Synthrock but they don’t shy away from wandering around genres like industrial, darkwave, cyberpunk, EDM.

Where are you from?
Toronto & Montreal, Canada

What is your main genre?

How long have you been making music?
More than 15 years. Null-o and raccoon 6ix have been involved in a few projects together in the past and Null-O Band is the latest, started in 2018.

Can you tell us about your latest release and the background behind it?
We released 2 EPs in 2021-22 called Ghost Armada (Chapters I & II). It was supposed to be one LP with 10 songs about spaceship armada leaving the Solar System but the songs turned out very different in terms of style and mood so we decided to release in two chapters. Ghost Armada, Chapter I is about discovery and reaching new frontiers, it is brighter and more upbeat.

In Ghost Armada, Chapter II the events (and music) take darker turn. Some of our favorite indie artists feature in Ghost Armada chapters – vocals from Seafoam Sweater Girl, Retrograth, Jeff Vicario and our friend Alex Zuzuk (from the band Not So Evil) plays violin in the song Nine Solar Systems Away.

What do you think of the music industry after 2022?
From independent artist point of view it’s a good thing that it is relatively easy to release your music on major platforms. At the same time this accessibility creates oversaturation and it is not easy to make your music noticed in the ocean of sound. We try our best to maintain steady online presence and promote our releases as good as we can.

Who is the most influential artist in your life?
There are 2 bands that all members of Null-O Band will put in their top 3 major influences – Pink Floyd and Nine Inch Nails. Other influences – Massive Attack, Deep Purple, Front Line Assembly, Machines Of Loving Grace, Alan Parson, Vangelis and many contemporary indie artists.

How do you think you differ from other artists?
We like to explore different genres/new sonic directions but there are many artists doing this…I can’t think of something that makes us special 🙂

Who would be your dream collaboration?
We had some collaborations with singers we love and admire and we feel very lucky that they enjoyed working with us. I (null-o) would like to do a song with the singer of Witch Of The Vale some day. Raccoon 6ix choice is to work with Joe Satriani.

What was the first album you bought?
The Beatles – Love Songs (it’s double LP)

What is your favorite song at the moment?
I bought CD by Front Line Assembly recently and been listening to it almost every day and I love the song Mechvirus, it an instrumental.

What is your favorite words?
cat, fluid, space, love

What other hobbies or interests do you have?
null-o is sci-fi nerd, reads a lot, racoon 6ix repairs old guitars, voland paints. We all play football (called soccer in Canada)

Tell us more about your upcoming project?
We are working on LP to be released in 2023. All songs tell stories about artificial intelligence creatures – cyborg warriors, droid monkeys, robot pimp etc. Some of the people we worked with before will feature again and there will be few new collaborations. The first single Electra, My Love (feat. Retrograth) was released this month.

Any comment 
Thank you for having us on your blog and for your support. All best from Null-O Band!

You are welcome. It was a pleasure for us too. will continue to support Null-O Band.