Interview with KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus


This time we get to know KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus, a Tokyo-based Duo Rock band with a unique groove like no one else. 

Hi! We are a rock band called KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus. KOJI on guitar, vocals and composer, and Yumiko on bass. Chieri, thank you.

Where are you from?

What is your main genre?
How long have you been making music?
KOJI: Mayby 7~8 years now. I started recording by sampling with old gear and vinyl such as MPC2000. Drum sounds are sampled one by one from vinyl. Jazz, rock and Showa Kayo! Create a rhythm sequence that matches the composition with sounds with various effects. Load the rhythm into the MTR and record the guitar, vocals, and bass. It takes a lot of time lol.
Yumiko: I first saw KOJI on stage in 2017. At that time, KOJI was alone. He played guitar and vocals on a backing track. First time I heard it, oh! Cool song! I thought. I immediately thought, “I want to play bass in this band. Until then I only played in copy bands, but no problem. Spotify started in 2019 to promote our gigs. I didn’t even know playlists at that time, but as I interacted with different independent artists, distribution became an important part of my activities.
Can you tell us about your latest release and the background behind it?
I guess latest one is Shilver Beatle ver.2 . The tune is word sampling tune. Kind of cut up technics. Picked up words from The Beatles lyrics.
Who is the most influential artist in your life?
Countless artist. From african Pigmy to JS.Bach.
How do you think you differ from other artists?
KOJI: I don’t know. Recently people depict us , with the words like Psychedelic or smell of drug. It’s the world of 2022 right ? but I can’t help for those comment but laugh.
Yumiko: KOJI plays the sitar, sarod and tabla, Indian instruments. He also DJ’d on vinyl. I feel that these experiences are reflected in KOJI’s groove. I don’t think there are any similarities.
Who would be your dream collaboration?
KOJI: Nothing. Nobady.
Yumiko: I emailed DJ KRUSH 3 times asking him to collaborate with me and never heard back!
What was the first album you bought?
Revolver / The Beatles
What is your favorite song at the moment?
Mahalingam (INDIAN bamboo flute player )
What is your favorite words?
Memento mori
About the contest called Emergenza Japan. What kind of contest?
It is a contest in which audience members who see live performances vote for their favorites. It is held every year in Tokyo and Osaka, and the Tokyo preliminary round attracts nearly 100 artists. The artists who have the most votes after performing live over a number of days will move on to the next round. The winning artist will take the stage at a large outdoor festival in Germany in August. We qualified in 2019, but due to a pandemic it was postponed for two years. We also took two years off from gigs and the semi-finals resumed in 2022, which was our first time on stage in a long time.
How did it feel to be on stage in May for the first time in two years?
It was a special situation because we were in the semi-finals of a contest. However, when we entered the venue, we didn’t feel like it had been a long time. We could naturally focus on the stage. We got the results the next day, but thanks to everyone’s support, we were very happy to be able to advance to the semi-finals.
Do you do anything special in the finals?
We will just play our usual performance. But we are going to play songs that we have never played live before.
Tell us more about your upcoming project?
First is the Emergenza Japan Final Live on July 9. Twelve artists will perform in Tokyo and Osaka to determine the winner. If we win, we will perform at the Taubertal Festival in Germany from August 11 to 14. We don’t know what the future holds now. There will be a vote at the venue and an online vote. The venue is 1000 Club, a large live music club in Yokohama, Japan. Online voting is strictly for people with a phone line in Japan, and only one vote is allowed. Everyone, watch us on stage and vote for us!
Any comment
We are a small band from Japan. We could meet you all on the internet. But we would like to do a rock show in front of you someday. Thank you very much!
Thank you too. We look forward to your win at Emergenza Japan. will continue to support KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus.