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This time, we get to know Interview. Dancing to their heart-pumping music will surely make you happy!

Friends and accomplices since always, Martine PERTHUS and Philippe PERTHUS, form the INTERVIEW group. Brother and sister, this charming duo lulled by the Pop-Funk sound composes with four hands, they cultivate an unbridled imagination and make you discover their music through a very particular universe filled with joie de vivre, love and sincerity. They make real and authentic music with such a special style, they are real artists.

Philippe says: “We are like a tree, I am the roots and Martine the Flowers …” Discover this cult duo from a bygone era! with their unique sound stamped “Made in Paris for Ze World”. Their Electro-Pop sound is a throwback to the immediate future, with the DNA of the 80s to boot. This true duo of Parisian artists, has reinvented what it means to be awesome !. Passion, imagination, character and charisma emanate from their music, that’s why she’s received so well by their audiences.

Where are you from?
We are Parisians, but we had a childhood cradled by the Pacific Ocean, the warm sand and the bright colors of the tropical islands where generosity rhymes with beauty of the soul…and where life is sweet and peaceful.. . How not to start his journey in the Light well with this “Beautiful Pedigree…!!!” »

What is your main genre?
Electro Pop, Nu Disco

How long have you been making music?
Since our childhood. We have always discovered music through the countries where we have lived, Madagascar, Tahiti, during our childhood we listened to Tahitian music groups who played on the beach in front of our house, which is why we attach great importance to rhythmic but also to the joy and exaltation that emanates from it, hence our love for percussion and rhythm. It was at the age of 1O that Philippe began his first experiments with percussion, which he made himself by recovering barrels of empty detergent put aside by his mother, at her request. Both follow their course of classical studies while forming groups in parallel which come together and come apart as they meet. Philippe, after playing the drums for several years, takes up the guitar and has a musical revelation when he listens to Chic’s album with Niels Rogers on guitar and Bernard Edwards on bass.

It is from this moment that he will spend long hours on his guitar in the living room of the Family home to redo the “rifs” of Niels. Martine is never far away since she is first of all her first listener and above all her artistic adviser because friends since their childhood and always accomplices in play. After high school, Martine joined a school of fashion design “Studio Berçot” and Philippe a school of graphic arts “ESAG-Penninghen” and always as a backdrop the music and creation that never left them.

Can you tell us about your latest release and the background behind it?
Our latest release is a remix of our song “Lovely Ensemble” from our album “Lovely Ensemble”. It’s a remix of Dj Friction a German producer artist member of Freundeskreis, FK Allstars, Bodymovin, as well as Motor Mouth who has had several gold records, his style is a mixture of his old school “black” musical roots and of house with contemporary hip hop, R&B and fresh new sounds. He creates incredible flows by mixing disco, funk, soul, rare groove. The title “Lovely ensemble” was perfect for this producer who made an excellent disco Boogie version that was joyful, stimulating and catchy. The situation was also favorable for the release of this title because we think we need a “Lovely Ensemble” after these difficult months that we have gone through so what could be more beautiful than “Lovely”.

What do you think of the music industry after 2022?
Not much, we’re a little perplexed about creation and its future, we’re going to draw a parallel, it’s like at school few students know how to read perfectly when they leave. It’s confusing especially when you’re from the vinyl and hyper-creative generation where multitudes of bands, artists and styles coexist with an explosion of creation. We are not sheep but rather wolves so to do what we like and be free of our choices we have chosen independence in all areas whether distribution, production, communication, image etc. .. etc… After having signed with many record companies and labels in many countries on Vinyl, CD on the labels: RCA, CBS, Durium, INTERVIEW, BMC Records, Astral Soda, EMI Publishing, SMASH Records, Edition Barclay Moriss, Label Parissimo/Polygram, SONY, Bakinadez, Versailles/Sony Music Entertainment, Born Bad Records, Serendip, etc… we decided to create our own label where we distribute our music and also that of the artists for whom we have favorites. For several years, record companies have been forced to reissue old songs for lack of inspired artists. but everything has already been reissued, so we find ourselves out of stock. Then House, Techno arrived announcing the end of bands, live concerts and creation, It’s like frozen meals and fast food restaurants that heralded the arrival of junk food and the end of haute cuisine made with passion and love. Fortunately there are always inspired artists, they are no longer in the record companies, they are in other networks And today with these parallel networks they exist. These networks allowed us to make some nice encounters, in particular an English artist Chris from the group C-Beem, he is an artist who continues to produce music like no one else on the current market with a post-punk atmosphere from the 80 as before where There was a huge demand, There was a form of rarity and excellence. We all wanted to be part of this wave. While now, everything is captured by influencers, rotten spoiled false artists, solicited to death and finally jaded running behind a pseudo television success. We have to say to ourselves that we were extremely lucky to have had the best and many young people envy us by discovering our archives, Good music and strong and true encounters.

Who is the most influential artist in your life?
Andy Warhol because he represents everything we love in music, creation, art, it’s a universe that speaks to us, a debauchery of looks, styles, genres, people and artists, it is magical and fabulous. The name of the group comes from pop art and our unconditional love for this period. The name INTERVIEW was named with the friendly agreement of Andy Wharhol, and thanks to a common friend who was artistic director at Publicis we had the chance to have a project for the cover of one of our titles, a cover where we were dressed and styled like him with a little black tie, but unfortunately he fell ill and the project did not see the light of day.

How do you feel you differ from other artist?
We are no different from other artists, each artist has his own universe and we have ours which is unique and looks like us, it’s not a disguise, it’s our second skin, it’s part of our life like our DNA and as the saying goes “we have it in our skin”. We live for the creation and not by the creation the difference is very subtle but very important. We deploy a lot of energy so that our fans can feel our universe filled with love, joy and sincerity. We are a delirious duo who create for the pleasure of creating. We’ve had thousands, if not millions, of revelers and clubbers around the world dancing to our music and we’ve always kept our feet on the ground. We all listen, even if we have our heads in the stars.

Who would be your dream collaboration?
This is a question that will cause us problems, we are multi-genres, passing from classical to electro, the collaborations we like are always a discovery. We have several of our tracks that have been remixed by dj producers, we work with Tony Johns he’s a dj producer from London he has done some amazing remixes. He remixed some of the tracks from the “Lovely Ensemble” album. Doctorsoul is a French DJ producer, he remixed with elegance, naturalness and talent one of the titles of the album. Soulful French Touch a French DJ producer passionate about remixes, he has made many remixes of us, including “Salut les Salauds” Sls Remix, a cult title from the group INTERVIEW this title has made all the clubbers on the planet dance. DeelightSound a dj from the french rivièra who is part of the french touch of the south of France with the group The Southjackers, he does the first parts of the biggest festivales of the south of France, first part of Bob Sinclar, Martin Solveig, Purple Disco Machine, Feder, Lumberjack, Martin Jensen, Basada, Wankelmut to name a few…the arena of Fréjus with Fun Radio etc… he made an Edit of ”Lovely Ensemble” with Nu Disco Vibes! DJ Friction, dj and producer from Stuttgart made a great Disco Remix of our Lovely Ensemble.

Dimitri From Paris one of the first DJ producer to edit our “Salut les Salauds” and to play it in all the cities of the world, he has been part of the explosion of the “french touch” since then, he has been a pope of disco house “made in France” It is therefore logical that our title is one of these titles 100% made in France. Bernie Bernthaler is a true legend of the “house” of Stuttgart, dj of the club 54 in New York and the Elysée Matignon in Paris it is to him that we owe the remix of “Salut les Salauds” which became a title cult in many clubs around the world, a title ranked in the TOP 10 with artists like David Bowie, Michael Jackson, George Duke etc…

We also did mixes for American artists who asked us to work with them because they like our sound and the way we make music. Alien Abduction from AV group Super Sunshine – Candyland. We produced an indie pop mix for them. “Three different mixes of “Alien Abduction” grace the album. My favorite is the INTERVIEW Mix because of its oozing, undulating flow topped with creamy-dreamy vocals and silky harmonies. There’s a sensual suppleness to this version that’s both alluring and bewitching.” Randy Radic – CelebMix – Alien Abduction (Interview Mix) on AV Super Sunshine Drops’ Candyland Remixes. What we would like to do in the future is to work with artists that we appreciate at the moment there is Anfisa Letyago a DJ and producer based in Naples who has a sound and an energy and a sincerity that we like a lot. Doing a featuring with our longtime friend Marc Cerrone who is a real musician and who like doing real sound with a real artist with real instruments in a real studio, what a treat. Many of our friends tell us why we don’t make music with David Guetta with whom we worked for several years in the high places of the capital, it’s the world upside down because in the 90’s it’s David who came to our studio to take sounds. We spent the afternoons sampling sounds from our EMU II for his Emax that he had just acquired because as you know before we sampled our sounds ourselves because he didn’t there was nothing in the machines.

What was the first album you bought?
There are two but with a total creative opposite, as for the Yin and the Yang two cover visuals diametrically opposed but both with a unique creative potential. The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd but also Diamond Dogs by David Bowie for the magnificent cover of this studio album. It’s the beauty, the look, the graphics and the colors that attracted us but not the music, we discovered it once we got back to Paris because we had bought these albums in London in a mega big record super market during of a school trip.

What is your favorite song at the moment?
We don’t have any or we have several, we’re not exclusive, we like the mix, it’s our 80’s DNA that takes over, no musical ghetto, with us it’s not just white or black, with for us it’s colorful, it’s joyful, it’s cheerful. It is our childhood in the islands that directs our tastes, color, simplicity and mixture. This is our recipe, we are always surprised and admiring, this is what makes us keep our child side. The proof for a few days a little bird with magnificent color comes knocking at the window of our living room, it’s a fabulous show we don’t know why he does this but it makes us very happy to see that this little being comes every days say hello to us. this is a theme that would make a very beautiful song.

What is your favorite words?
We have several: liberty, love, true, sincere and no, these are not big words but simple words, that’s what we need, to hear the truth and frankness, two values that the world lost. We attach great importance to the word given, it is stronger than a contract, it must be our Corsican origins which are anchored in our DNA. We also pay a lot of attention to the aura of people, there has to be the feeling that the current is flowing and also that the vibes are good. We work with very few people and we only meet very few friends because few are invited to join our creative circle and come into our world, because few serious people, too many interested people, few people who like to work and few real artists, so no exchange and no emulsions that push you forward. So, as the saying goes, it is better to be alone than in bad company. We like frankness and also freedom, even if it remains fantasized, it is a virtual notion, which in reality is scary. the new generation has been totally excluded by society from this magnificence. They managed to make them believe that the deprivation of free will was a good thing… it’s a disaster but a reality, a generation now blacklisted from freedom, with all that this term can contain meanings .

What other hobbies or interests do you have?
We are two versatile artists passionate about design and music, but also 3D creation, painting, comics, photography, architecture we also like to organize events. During many years we have organized events for cinema, music and fashion in the most prestigious places in the Capital: Le Palace, Les Bains, Les Folies Pigalle, etc…where all of Paris and all the international stars met there and where many DJs played and have since become planetary STARS. We also love the world of video games, we have worked for several years and done design for SONY PLAYSTATION, MICROMANIA, J.Agency Def Jam Rapstar Konami, Agence Tokyo Tony Hawk Activision, Marineland Antibes, VISTACITY music Tour. Costume design for Marc CERRONE’s “Harmony” concert, organized in the port of Tokyo to launch the first HDTV satellite in Japan. Perfume design and illustrations for Jacques Dessange. “perfume box” etc… We are creatives.

Tell us more about your upcoming project?
We regularly release new remixes because we meet with great success with many international DJs and Producers who regularly remix our “Sounds”! New titles will be released in the coming weeks and also remixes of the album “Only” and “Lovely Ensemble” We are also making our next clips of our songs in 3D animation, this allows us to create a universe and a world that looks like us where love, freedom and beauty are a reality. We are working on our new album and also on a tour that we are preparing with great care because it must reflect our universe.

Any comment 
We have taken the music industry by storm and we are present on all fronts. We are very active on social networks where our fans are growing every day. Be sure to show your support by liking and sharing INTERVIEW, and discover our music available on all download platforms.

Take care and be well, may love and joy be with you. See you soon on Ze DanceFloor. Lovely Kisses from Paris ♫ ♥ ♫¨♥*

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Sing Song (Nu Disco Club Mix) by Interview
Sing Song (Nu Disco Club Mix) by Interview